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NRB TV | Canada

Category: Bangla Channel | Update: 23, Sep 2021

NRB TV is the first 24 hour Bengali TV Channel in Canada. NRB TV has built one of the most sophisticated, technologically advanced studios, and appointed experienced and talented crews with proven news gathering capabilities, and creative programming, news, views, entertainment, and programs for all ages. It transmits from Toronto, Canada. The channel grew up with a band of devoted journalists of the country who already achieved fame at both domestic and international levels. NRB TV will work for all the Bangladeshis of this whole wide world as one of the most powerful electronic media and a strong network, which can raise their voice across the world. The famous journalist Shahidul Islam Mintu is the CEO of this TV Channel.

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Name: NRB TV 24/7 free to air Bangla Mix Ent. Channel in Canada.
Office: 6 Ordway Road, Toronto, ON, M1K 4J4, Canada.
Phone: Ph: 416-262-9642, 647-557-2577
Web: Web : | Facebook:
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