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ABtv First & Only 24 Hour IP TV Channel In East Sylhet. ABtv speaks about itself. Its name says it all. To bridge East Sylhet with World is the primary objective of ABtv 24 while connecting and combining Bengali living across the world is the secondary objective. News, current affairs, entertainment, infotainment and documentary for, by and of Sylhet and Bangladesh it’s been top priority of ABtv 24. Viewers in world, especially the expatriate Bangladeshis, and the people of Bangladesh is been the prime target of ABtv 24. ABtv is determined to be fair, credible and balanced in news and current affairs. Its content on entertainment, infotainment and documentation is striven to maintain the highest professional standard.

Now Equipped with the fourth generation technology, ABtv is run simultaneously through IP & cable. These subscribers now watch ABtv anytime and anywhere, using television, desktop, laptop, Smartphone and other mobile devices.

ABtv 24 is making the best possible efforts to fill in the gap between what the Bangladeshi media project and what Bangladeshi viewers expect. To this end, it is making the best use of its technology and expertise by sticking to professional ethics, norms and standards.

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