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Jagoroni TV of Jagoroni Multimedia Ltd. A privately owned 24 hour news & entertainment satellite television channel. The prime objective of the project is to build-up a complete and self-contained modern high definition television channel in Bangladesh. To produce and telecast highly entertaining programs, presenting current affairs, programs on education & development activities of the government. To collect and present important news and views where accuracy and accountability is a must. To strengthen the media communication of the country for the socio-cultural development as an alternate channel within the set framework of the government. To contribute in increasing social awareness, poverty alleviation, increase literacy, population control, uphold democratic practices inland. Finally to uphold the background and dream of our Liberation War. Materializing the dream of the father of nation is the prime motto of Jagoroni TV. To focus the constructive activities of the government is the focal point of view of the project. Jagoroni TV works hand in hand all through the way with the entire development activities of the country, of humanity. Jagoroni TV is an open platform of Bengali speaking people around the world.”

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