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JOY TV is a media venture of the Grand Master Events Limited. It is information and entertainment based IPTV channel. For JOY TV, it is not impossible to emerge as a full-fledged conventional satellite television channel in near future, if the viewers, well-wishers and cable operators provide their support, help and advice. Along with all traditional popular program genres, JOY TV will create and promote new, exciting, creative, and healthy programs. JOY TV is committed to uphold the history, tradition, language, culture and great liberation war of Bangladesh. Youth and promising journalists will cover, produce and broadcast trust-worthy, impartial and positive news and factual programs across the country, with special focus on the remote population. The journey of JOY TV started as the holder and carrier of healthy culture. Experimental broadcast of JOY TV has begun in the month of March 2019 promoting patriotic songs. JOY TV family is optimistic about commencement of full and formal broadcasting very soon. JOY TV family also believes that the channel will create its own place among the viewers living in home and abroad through providing them with factual, neutral, healthy and positive news and entertainment programs in standard Bangla language.”…

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Name: JOY TV IPTV 24/7 Mix Ent. Channel In Bangladesh
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