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AL Dawah TV

Category: Bangla Channel | Update: 18, Dec 2017

AL is the country’s latest private Islamic Internet television channel owned by AHAET Multimedia Production Limited. AL pure entertainment-era promise of peace and well-being of human society to stick to spread the message of humanity to bring about the desired change in the direction of truth, beauty and health presentations. The goal of the presentation of the eternal truth, beauty AHAET Multimedia Production Ltd is a healthy trend of cultural programs. Glowing in the light of the Holy Quran the word of God shining in the pure culture of our commitment approached. Almighty Allah accept all our good work. Amen!

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Name: AL Dawah TV owned by AHAET Multimedia Production Limited 24/7 free to air Ent. Channel in Bangladesh.
Office: Rupayon Trade Center Dhaka
Phone: Ph: N/A
Web: Web : | Facebook:
EPG not available at the moment.

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